How To Fix A Leak

When it comes to rain we all have mixed feelings about it. Some of us love the sound that it makes as it falls on the roof while others hide under a blanket when it quickly approaches. For me, I like the rain, except when it starts to leak in our house. When this happens, I want to get a handyman services near me in snellville, ga to come and fix it before my stuff is ruined.

How to fix a leak

Step One – Locate the Leak

If you don’t know where the leak is coming from in your home you are going to have a hard time finding it.  To locate the source of the leak you will need to grab some tools such as a flashlight, an extra pair of socks and a bucket.  

Step two – Remove Items From Around The Leak

Remove any items that might be in the way of finding the source of the leak. This can include any type of curtains, plants or furniture.  If you have carpeting in your home make sure to move it out of the way as well so that you will not track mud into other parts of your home.

Step Three – Check under The Leak

Get on your hands and knees in order to check under the leak to try and find where it is coming from.  Start checking near areas that are known hot spots for leaks such as around lights, pipes or faucets.  

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Step Four – Identify The Leaking Water Source

Once you have found the source of the leak you will need to shut off the water supply.  First turn off your main water valve and then go after any individual sources of leakage.

Step Five – Repair The Leaking Pipe Or Faucet If it is a leaking pipe that is causing the hole in your wall or ceiling simply replace the entire pipe if it has ruptured. If it is a small leak in the pipe you can have some plumber’s putty or epoxy at your local hardware store and seal it up.